Andrew Luck is the highest paid man in the NFL

Despite having the worst season of his career, Andrew luck is now the highest paid player in NFL history. Luck and the Colts have agreed to a 6 year deal worth $140 million. He’ll also get $87 million in guaranteed money which is the most in league history. Luck dealt with various injuries last season, and when he was on the field he was sub par, but the Colts undoubtedly think he’s the future of the team and locked him down until 2021.

Luck was arguably the most highly touted player coming out of college since John Elway back in 1983. Knowing this, the Colts basically tanked the season before so they could have the top pick in Luck’s draft. Peyton Manning sat out the entire year with neck issues and the team wasn’t competitive. They finished 2-14, and sure enough, earned the top pick in the 2012 draft. Luck was selected, and the following season, took one of the worst rosters in the league to the playoffs with an 11-5 record. He won 11 games the next two seasons including division titles in both seasons. But last year was a difficult one for luck, who only saw the field in 7 games.

The quarterback position is probably the most important position in all of sports. If you look at which teams make the playoffs each year, rarely do those teams have a below average QB or even an average one, for that matter. Take the Texans over the last few years. Possibly the most talented roster in the NFL, but inconsistency at QB has led to several disappointing seasons, with the exception of last year when they made the playoffs because Luck was out. It’s the same story for the Rams. Great roster, bad quarterback play, can’t get anywhere. The Bills have of the best defenses in the NFL, but with average QB play they go nowhere. Teams will always have to overpay for quarterbacks, it’s just part of the business. The Bears gave Jay Cutler a contract worth $126 million, so why not give someone like Luck $140 million?

Luck is just 26 years old, but more importantly he seems to have the maturity of a 10 year NFL veteran. You’ll never hear his name in negative headlines, out partying or getting into trouble. He gets it. And so do the Colts. That’s why this deal not only makes sense, but could be the most significant signing in the NFL over the next 10 years.

Andrew Luck signs a record deal
Andrew Luck signs a record deal
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