Colin Kaepernick: Happy to be a 49er

The math behind Colin Kaepernick’s new tune with Chip Kelly and the 49ers is starting to add up.

There are 32 starting quarterback jobs in the NFL. An immutable number that is increasingly competitive with each passing draft class. For a quarterback lucky enough to hold a starting job, it represents a coveted position hundreds of other signal callers would love to claim as their own.

For Kaepernick, the writing was on the wall. Start loving the 49ers job or starting looking for a new line of work. The former seemed all too easy to pick.

“Definitely not the same person,” Kaepernick said about his offseason maturation process. A public, and ego-bruising process that ran parallel to realizing no other team coveted his abilities.

There’s no questioning Kaepernick’s athletic ability. A trait that should serve him well with Kelly and his desire for mobile quarterbacks. Yet, for every star athlete there are 12 right behind him. The best QB’s can not only read a field, but read a room as well.

With the 2016 NFL Draft class one of the deeper in recent memory at the QB position, each of the 32 starting spots are that much more difficult to hold. Coupled with former Heisman Trophy winner and face of the up-and-coming class, RG3, fighting for a starting job, the quarterback spot is becoming the Wild West. Young bucks are gunning for the top spot every season.

How long does Kaepernick keep up the positive attitude? Hard to say. When the season starts, and the hits become real, it’s not far-fetched to hear a different tune. Yet for Kaepernick, he’s starting to realize football is a business, and the only way to survive, is to keep the shop open for as long as possible.

Colin Kaepernick is going to be a top 15 quaterback in the NFL in 2016 and beyond.

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