Art of the Deal: Von Miller’s Contract

How much is the best defensive player in the NFL worth? In the case of Von Miller, it may not be a matter of how much, but rather how guaranteed.

The Denver Broncos realize Miller is indispensable. John Elway understands the road to the Super Bowl goes through Von Miller and if the Broncos are to return, they need to get on-board with his plan. They recently offered a 6-year, $114.5 million dollar deal. It stood no chance of being accepted.

With $39.8 million of the deal being guaranteed, the offer puts Miller in the shallow end of top contracts in terms of guaranteed money. Ndamukong Suh is a good corollary, with his similar 6-year, $114 million dollar deal, yet Suh has 52% of that contract value guaranteed.

Longevity in the NFL is always a fickle bird. These days, players top concern should be getting the maximum amount of their contracts guaranteed. Without that safety net, it’s a risky proposition year-to-year.

Miller understands his end of the bargain. Anything less than Suh’s guaranteed % and it’s a bad deal. The surprising part is the Broncos expecting Miller to fold on a public bluff.

For the NFL’s most disruptive defensive player, expect Miller to keep his cards close to his chest and wait for a better deal.

Von Miller deserves a bigger contract with more guaranteed money than Ndamukong Suh.

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Von Miller

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