Playing in the Shadows: Jimmy Garoppolo

Perfect spirals. Perfect hair. Perfect wife. Jimmy Garoppolo has none of these going for him.

What Garoppolo does have is a well-known name without a true identity or track record. A rare feat made possible by being the backup to the greatest NFL quarterback of all-time, Tom Brady.

These New England shadows have been kind to Garoppolo. He’s won 1 Super Bowl standing just one step from greatness. What he lacks in career pass attempts (31), he’s made up for in articles written about his likeness (countless). Add one more for the record books.

With Deflategate looming like an off-distance cloud waiting to disperse, Jimmy Garappolo stands ready to take meaningful snaps. None of this is according to plan despite being taken in the 2nd round in 2014, a spot often reserved for immediate impact players.

In the case of the Patriots, it was a draft pick akin to buying earthquake insurance. A necessity intended never to be used. A glass case to break in case of disaster.

Disaster has struck. The four games without Brady will test our collective patience on Deflategate. Can the Pats break even without Tom? Can the fans hold it together while waiting for Brady to come back?

The answer is undoubtedly yes. New England will be fine. A mystery will be solved.

Garoppolo was the next QB taken after Derek Carr, a Pro-Bowl QB and the face of the Raiders franchise. He was selected before Logan Thomas, who has already bounced around the league. Needless to say, there’s no clear indication if Garoppolo is a long-term answer or a footnote in the long-standing dynasty.

“I’m only going into Year 3 now – so there’s tons of things to improve on,” said Garoppolo. As the rest of the NFL waits to figure out what he’s made of, Garoppolo will get his shot, emerging from a shadow only made possible by a disaster.

Jimmy Garoppolo will make a name for himself in Tom Brady's absence.

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