The Brock Osweiler Experiment

Count Brock Osweiler as one of many big money free agent signings this offseason that may or may not define a franchise for better or worse. The leap of faith GM’s and coaches have to make to improve their teams via free agency akin to buying 1,000 lotto tickets hoping to break even.

Holes need to be fixed. Chances need to be taken. Perfect boom or bust recipe.

Pro Football Focus examined the worst offseason moves and the Houston Texans handing Brock Osweiler a 4-year, $72 million dollar contract topped the list.

There’s no argument that Osweiler’s contract was a gamble on the future rather than the past. In the Texans defense, he played in 7 games for a Super Bowl team and put up respectable numbers. The most important number is 25. That’s his age, and Houston believes they’re getting an up and coming QB at the perfect time.

All told, it’s a good gamble in a league that’s over-indexed to one position’s performance. If half of the league would rather have Brock Osweiler at quarterback for the next 4 seasons than their current starter, and that’s a figure that could easily be the case, then it’s worth the financial risk.

Brock Osweiler's 4-year, $72 million dollar deal is NFL's worst offseason move.

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Brock Osweiler

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