The Overcompensation of Sam Bradford

When Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator Frank Reich says “it’s not an overstatement” to say Sam Bradford has been “off the charts” so far in OTA practices, one can’t help but wonder if how long the Eagles coaching staff can continue the daily affirmation to soothe their QB situation.

Take a step back. It’s early June.

The Eagles are fresh off a very public trade/tantrum that lead to everyone questioning how does this team shed the drama?

All told, that’s a lot of time to repair egos and create a real or fictitious team image of stability. Yet, to hear head coach Doug Pederson tell the story, you’d think the past is way in the past, and the only story worth telling is how Bradford the unquestioned leader. He’s the quarterback Philadelphia not only deserves, but needs.

Could it be Pederson and Reich are overcompensating just a little to get some distance from a very tumultuous offseason? By just a little, I mean a lot. The more feigned attention they draw to Bradford and his leadership skills, the greater risk of having all of this inflated hype backfire if/when Carson Wentz replaces Bradford half-way through the season.

For the Eagles sake, they’re hoping the raised expectations and pressure put on Sam Bradford to deliver produce more than just good quotes and feel-good vibes in June.

Sam Bradford will truly be a leader of the Philadelphia Eagles in 2016.

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Sam Bradford

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