Jared Goff picking up Rams offense

According to Los Angeles Rams head coach Jeff Fisher, rookie quarterback Jared Goff has been picking up the Rams offense.

We’ve given him a lot more information than we did at the private workout and then that we did here at our meeting, and he’s handled it without any problem. And that’s the impressive thing.

As for Goff himself, there’s a low-key nature to his persona that works well for his status as an NFL rookie.

“Just kind of stay low and gain their respect,” he said.

How long can he stay low? If it’s up to the Rams, not for too long. Tavon Austin and several Rams wide receivers anticipate a rapid rise in what Goff has to offer and added hopefully “he can get in and make his mark.”

The pressure of being the #1 pick in the draft is enough to suffocate most rookies. The pressure of being a starting NFL QB carries equal weight. Combine them together, and that’s a heavy package to hold.

Yet, Goff is taking it in stride. A brand new city and fan base without prior expectations could be a blessing in disguise, and allow for his stride to go full-length before picking up the pace.

Jared Goff will have a winning record as a rookie.

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