Former Raider JaMarcus Russell wants back in NFL

Don’t blame JaMarcus Russell for his inability to let go. Russell was the top pick in the NFL draft 2007 and hit his peak in college. To ask for another chance is human nature. Will he get that chance? Remains to be seen.

Russell is determined to get back in the league. “You never know, man. You never know… Whatever it is—I can be a water boy and work my way into a scout team. It doesn’t matter. I’ll go play for free,” Russell said.

If the NFL was based on genuine sentiment and hard-work, we’re still not sure Russell’s statements are believable. He was not only given a shot, but handed the keys to the kingdom. His response was to toss those keys, and his future, aside.

Young people make mistakes. Some are more egregious than others. Russell’s lack of production could be attributed to many of the same errors fresh-out-of-college kids make every day. Except the NFL is an unforgiving sports, run by executives with long-memories.

Will Russell ever shed his bust image? Unlikely.

However, credit him for opening up on wanting a comeback and second-chance. Regardless of the believability, Russell put himself out there in a way that can only lead to gaining back some of the respect he so publicly lost.

JaMarcus Russell is the biggest bust in the NFL.

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